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Crystal Cornia
Office Team
Position:Administrative Assistant



  • Administrative Assistant- Outback Therapeutic Expeditions
  • Loan Servicing Specialist- Centreville Bank
  • Assistant Manager- Cinemark


I have always wanted a career doing something fulfilling, something where I could feel like I was truly making a difference. I have found that with Outback. In every team there are many different roles and each role is essential whether you are working directly with the students out in the field or behind a desk in the office. As part of the office team, I strive each day to create an atmosphere that is uplifting and comfortable. I believe that small acts of kindness make a huge impact and that a smile goes a long way. I want every interaction I have to leave that individual feeling heard and cared for. One of my favorite things about what I do is being part of an essential piece of communication between students and their parents through uploading pictures and letters each week. We have a common goal here at Outback and that is to see these young individuals succeed and I am so blessed to be a part of that!


I have always known my loved ones were the most important thing to me. After having lived far away from them for several years, I grew to appreciate them even more. I spend almost all of my free time with my loved ones doing activities including anything from jet skiing to local activities such as the state fair to simply going out to dinner and a movie. I love celebrating all of the holidays and the fun events and activities that come with them. I especially love Halloween and going to haunted houses and corn mazes. I have a huge heart for all animals and volunteered for an animal shelter for a year taking care of cats.


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COVID-19 Update

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