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Ellie Cornett, MSW, CSW
Field Therapist
Position:Field Therapist


  • Masters of Science in Social Work, Abilene Christian University
  • MSW intern at Abilene Hope Haven
  • TWC intern at BCFS


When working with individuals from varying backgrounds, my belief on what is most important is to provide a space free from judgment. I strive to remain engaged and steady in order to respond, rather than with extreme emotion that breeds reaction. I try to ensure that others can be as open with me as they need without worrying about a negative reaction, while still encouraging positive growth and progress towards their personal goals. My belief is that by creating a space for vulnerability and connection, it gives way to a therapeutic relationship that supports my students in gaining insights into their day-to-day struggles related to their thoughts and beliefs, emotions, and lived experiences.


I enjoy spending time outside and learning about things that grow outside which includes people too. In previous years, I learned and maintained a garden as well as several chickens and found enjoyment in doing both. I admire the different ways plants and animals practice resilience and navigate the obstacles that arise throughout the seasons. I find it inspiring to incorporate these themes into my own life, as well as my professional world. I also enjoy different types of art and spend my free time painting and learning guitar.

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