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Clinical Team, Field
Position:Field Therapist

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Master’s of Social Work, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Master’s in Public Health, University of New England
BA (Hons) Sports Science and English, University College of Chester, England
13 years working with children, young adults, and adults with medical and mental health needs
Pediatric Liver and Intestinal Transplant Social Worker – Chicago, IL
Adult General Surgery and Pediatric Ortho and ENT Social Worker – Chicago, IL
Pediatric and Adult General and Mental Health Social Worker – Fairbanks, AK
Community Organizer for City of Omaha and US Attorney for Nebraska – Omaha, NE
Assistant Director All Sports Camp – Stroudsburg, PA
Scheduling Assistant – Bristol, England

Personal Approach

The majority of my career has been as a medical social worker, focusing on crisis intervention, problem solving, and brief therapy. Over the years I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with children, young adults, and their parents as they navigated the challenge of dealing with potentially life-threatening situations and chronic illness. I found that throughout the trials, my patients were often very resilient, while parents were very committed to their children and in finding ways to balance all aspects of medical, family, and work life.

I am a compassionate, thoughtful, strengths-based practitioner, who believes that focusing on the positives can help empower people to make meaningful change in their lives. I believe that at our core we are all good, however circumstances, thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs can negatively influence how we act and speak. I feel when given the opportunity, along with encouragement and support, we are all capable of making changes that can positively improve our own lives and those of the people around us. I often use cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing as tools for helping people gain insight into thoughts, behaviors, and core beliefs.

I like to take a direct but nurturing approach when confronting people’s negative thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs. I am very excited to work as a therapist with students in the field and believe it gives me the opportunity to see and identify ongoing patterns that prevent students from reaching their full potential. Once patterns are identified my role is to work alongside students, as we identify more appropriate ways to deal with tough situations. I believe being in nature, encourages all of us to be more creative when problem solving needs and that wilderness therapy in particular, gives students the opportunity to see who they are capable of becoming, without everyday distractions.

Personal Interests

Originally from Scotland, I have been in the United States for over 20 years. I have lived in many different states and have enjoyed exploring the different landscapes, culture, and history of each place. In my free time I love running and have completed many marathons and ultra-marathons. I like to hike, camp, ice skate, and ski with friends. Being Scottish I also know how to golf and knit, while after my time in Alaska, I also now enjoy quilting. Most recently I took time off to travel the world and explored the mountains of many different countries. My favorite places to hike, run, and camp are in Patagonia, Peru, Nepal and Britain.

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