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Lauren Smith, MS, RP, MFT
Clinical Team, Field
Position:Field Therapist

Master of Science in Family Studies - Marriage and Family Therapy, University of Kentucky; Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences - Human Development and Family Science, Oklahoma State University
4 years working in wilderness
University of Ottawa Health Services - Mental Health Therapist
Hands - Child and Family Therapist/Mobile Crisis Worker
Wendigo Lake Expeditions - Wilderness Therapist
University of Kentucky Family and Consumer Sciences Extension - Camp Coordinator and Therapist for the Military-Extension Adventure Camps and the Military Family Camps
Philmont Scout Ranch - Family Program Group Leader

Section 2 - Personal Approach

As a therapist I work with kids from a place of offering unconditional positive regard, seeing beyond the initial behavior and into the heart of the matter, and with the belief that a person already has the internal resources needed for healing. My job is to help my fellow human to bring these qualities and insights to the forefront as a pillar to launch from towards deeper personal growth.

I like working at Outback because the organization as a whole understands the importance and effect for long-term change that an approach that gets to the heart of the matter, rather than stagnating in behavior change, can offer a struggling youth and their families.

Section 3 - Personal Interests

I am recently engaged and am planning to marry my Canadian fiancé at the end of 2018. Originally from Oklahoma, I have lived in Canada for the past five years, starting in northern Ontario for a wilderness therapist position and then moving to eastern Ontario because love does crazy things. I have loved traveling throughout North and Central America and look forward to branching out to other continents and cultures as much as possible. I tend to be captivated by ocean and mountain landscapes. I enjoy brushing up on my Spanish-speaking skills when opportunity allows and at times like to dust off my old Canon Digital SLR to take candid photos of friends and family or try to create nice bokeh effects. I love helping my fellow humans through mental health therapy, especially in the experiential and meaningful approach of adventure-wilderness therapy.

I hope to one day balance my time between a thriving adventure-wilderness therapy private practice and enjoying life as a mom.


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