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McKay Deveraux, MSW, LCSW
Leadership Team
Position:Executive Director



  • Masters of Social Work, Brigham Young University
  • B.S., Utah Valley University
  • 15+ years working with troubled teens in the wilderness
  • Worked as a Primary Therapist, Program Director, Field Director, and Field Guide
  • Intern therapist, Utah State Prison – working with male substance users
  • Battalion Operations Sergeant, U.S. Army Reserves
  • Combat Veteran – Operation Iraqi Freedom


I love working with boys struggling with substance abuse. Having worked with murdering drug dealers in the prison system, I feel comfortable teaching a kid that is using heroin regularly or a kid that is smoking low grade marijuana on the weekends. Depending on the child’s personality, I like using a mixture of the traditional 12 step approach and the 7 Challenges model. But beyond any clinical footwork, the majority of what I do is help kids that are locked in a place of denial and blame move towards a state of acceptance and change.

Most troubled teens need to push against the proverbial fence to test its strength and make sure it will keep them safe. I like working with the type of kid that runs full speed into the fence because they’re searching so desperately for loving boundaries that can keep them safe. As a combat veteran, I'm not easily intimidated by angry teenagers. I'm a direct person — it doesn’t bother me when a kid tells me where to go and how to get there. I've had a lot of success helping these kids turn opposition into commitment, dedication and resilience. My favorite part of being a therapist is designing hands-on interventions that invite teens into powerful and emotional spaces of change.

I’ve heard that therapists tend to treat the type of client they most resemble. I love the type of kid I work with — when you look beyond their external behaviors they are adventurous, dedicated, and full of passion.


I am the father of three daughters and one son. My favorite thing to do is spend time with them and my wonderful wife. We love to go sledding and ice skating in the winter, and hiking and swimming in the summer. I love using my hands and creative energy to make things. I’ve made wooden spoons, willow baskets, drums, and bows and arrows, but I also like to do home renovation projects like laying tile, painting and doing electrical work. My wife and I were both Outback staff members when we met, and we enjoy brainstorming about work-related topics. I used to be an avid rock and ice climber, but I eventually discovered the meaning of middle age once we were married and had children. My future goals are to begin running Tough Mudders and get my girls into climbing and mountain biking.

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