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Trevor Allen, MS, CMHC
Primary Therapist
Position:Primary Therapist



  • Attachment Disruption
  • Grief / Loss
  • Trauma
  • Identity Formation Struggles
  • Adoption
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Substance Use



Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Masters of Mental Health Counseling, University of Phoenix
Bachelors of Therapeutic Recreation, Brigham Young University

Facilitator of: SMART Recovery
Experienced in: DBT, CBT, MIT

18 years working with troubled teens in wilderness, residential, and therapeutic boarding schools
Primary Therapist at Outback Therapeutic Expeditions
Clinical Director at Coral Reef Academy
Therapist at Aspiro
Therapist at Summit Prep School
Field staff at Second Nature Wilderness Program
State of Utah Observation and Assessment
Internship for recreation therapy at Provo Canyon School


I have a great appreciation for the role of the student and the parent. The process of change is difficult and requires the student to really get out of his or her comfort zone. Change takes a lot of courage. I’m passionate about helping a student move from a shame-based view of self to learning to forgive and love themselves. I believe that once a student can love and forgive his- or herself, this love and forgiveness starts to spread to parents and others in their lives. I also love to see a student move from being powerfully destructive at home to becoming powerfully constructive.  Our students come to us with misdirected power and often learn how to shift this power in a positive direction. These traits are present in the student with substance abuse issues, oppositional issues, anxiety, depression, etc. I love my work. I’m passionate about making a difference in the lives of the students who enter our program.

One of my most powerful tools is my well-grounded self. I know who I am. I’m solid in myself I’m not rattled by the intimidation, fear, and bizarre behavior that others put out there. I work hard to see the world from the perspective of the students and their parents. I am intentional with my work. Through my cognitive understanding, my passionate heart, and my intuitive gut, I’m able to find a balance in work. I have a great deal of experience and I believe I can see patterns quickly. I utilize evidence-based approaches of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and a Person-Centered and time-honored approach of 12 step.  Not every approach works with every student. I’m also a huge fan of Brene Brown and her work. I work hard to link the approach with the needs of each student. One of my greatest passions in therapy is to speak to and from the heart.  I have worked in many settings — wilderness is the most therapeutic environment and modality I know.

I love my family. I work hard to find a balance of love, boundary, responsibility, and play. I am married to an amazing woman and together we are raising 4 wonderful kids. I am in my element when we are together on an adventure. I enjoy running, rock climbing, mountain biking, and spending time in water.  I love mountains, islands, and endurance sports. My greatest value is compassion. Two of my most spiritual moments were swimming with humpback whales in Tonga and riding a horse up the steep hills in Costa Rica.

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