Wilderness Weekly 8.19.22

Photo Credit: Trevor Allen Goannas This was a week of change for the Goannas. Peacekeeping Panda graduated on his journey with outBACK. Fellow students expressed their shared memories of their time together saying goodbye to a beloved member of the Goannas.  The same day, a new member was received, bursting with energy and high expectations, […]

Wilderness Weekly 8.11.22

Photo Credit: Trevor Allen Goannas The Goannas had an eventful week with new hellos and hard goodbyes. The two beloved students who left were Giga Cuttlefish and Goofy Goose. The Goannas held a beautiful send off ceremony where they also honored a staff member with the Goanna token. After the students were sent off, the […]

A Nonjudgmental Approach To Building Resilience

When we think of resilience, we may have words like strength, determination, and will come to mind. In my last conversation with Parker Newton, MS, ACMHC, we dig into what resilience means as it relates to his students. Journey To The Present Parker described in one word (because there are so many things one could […]

Wilderness Weekly 08.05.22

Photo Credit: outBACK staff Goannas: This week in the Goannas the week started on a slightly sad note with the departure of beloved group member Fruity Pebbles–we had an epic goodbye ceremony under a large tree on top of a hill watching the sunset. Kind words and memories were shared and with sunset, brought the […]