Wilderness Weekly 6.11.21

Cassowaries: The Cassowaries went through winds of change this week as the group was made into two. The group spent time developing new group cultures and traditions, involving lots of howling at the moon. Students, both new and seasoned, participated in a Welcome Ceremony as we honored one anothers’ greatness and laid down a group foundation […]

Wilderness Weekly 5.28.21

Goannas: The Goannas said goodbye to some members at the beginning of the week and also welcomed some new members into the group. The remaining members centered the week around building group culture and tuning up their busting sets. We hiked 13 miles this week, including a day hike where we peaked mountains located near camp. […]

Wilderness Weekly 5.14.21

Lorikeets: This week in the Lorikeet group, new challenges were faced and overcome through team work and honest self reflection. The Lorikeets were able to hike 9 miles with packs, the Sunday hike being 5 miles. They improved their bow drilling skills by being vigilant and dedicated during the allotted fire making hour. In a bittersweet […]

Wilderness Weekly 5.7.21

Lorikeets: The week was full of a lot of personal growth for each member of the Lorikeets. The group experienced a lot of emotional challenges as they pushed themselves to hike to the top of Indian Peak and worked together as a team to accomplish this goal! The hike itself was very difficult for a lot […]