Wilderness Weekly 4.8.23

Goannas – Adventure Expedition: This week was full of adventure and teamwork for the Goannas. They started off the week at a favorite site of theirs, which also happened to be the site where some of the members had begun their journey at outBACK. The weather was amazing, with sun and a light breeze. It […]

Wilderness Weekly 3.31.23

Goannas: This week at outBACK the Goannas experienced some rough weather conditions, only to shatter its attempts and persevere through challenges. Lunar Eclipse led a gathering on regret in which many students shared their opinions on regret and different things they did and did not regret. It was productive, vulnerable, and well-done. The Goannas held […]

Wilderness Weekly 3.10.23

Goannas: As the snow melted from the Goanna’s site so did their hearts. The Goannas shared goodbyes with senior members of the group which opened the door for the immergence of a new culture and new beginnings within the group. The Goannas thought long and hard about the kind of environment they wished to create […]

Wilderness Weekly 3.3.23

Photo Credite: Alyssa, “ERV” @ outBACK Goannas: This week the Goannas started out with enthusiasm and spirit. Welcoming in a new student with joy and fun. We were so excited for a new member, we went coocoo for sun butter in an attempt to show our enthusiasm. Our new member was completely unphased and blended […]