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A rainbow shines over a field at Outback Therapeutic Expeditions

BACK 2 Self | BACK 2 Family | BACK 2 Purpose by McKay Deveraux, MSW, LCSW Rollo May was an American psychological theorist that articulated the need for humans to be in connection with three things: Self, Others and Environment. Disconnection within these areas can inhibit our ability to process our lived experiences in healthy […]

Wilderness Weekly 10.29.21

Photo Credit: Scott Jones, Primary Therapist Goannas: This week for the Goannas were a test of strength and perseverance. The group split to create another group called the Pindaris. This restructure meant that a senior leader from the Goannas made his way to the Pindaris to support a smooth transition for the newly formed group. […]

Wilderness Weekly 10.22.21

Photo Credit: Scott Jones, Primary Therapist Goannas: This week started with some less than ideal weather and the group got an early taste of winter. The group did a great job persevering through the snow/rain and still accomplished all of their daily tasks as well as a 4 mile hike! After several hikes during the […]

Wilderness Weekly 10.15.21

Goannas: The Goannas had a week of rebuilding and restructuring with new leadership in place. The focus of the group was on creating a safe environment for all members to be able to work individually and together to process and move forward in a healthy way while at outBACK. The group was able to see […]