The wilderness experience is incredibly powerful. Much of the power of the wilderness comes from the unforgiving nature of the outdoor experience. There’s no AC out here, and there’s no comfy couch to plop down and watch TV. Most importantly, there are no distractions to dilute the therapy experience.

A Sanctuary for Learning

An Outback Wilderness Therapy Experience is not entirely without sanctuary, however. Because of the physical and psychological effort expended during an Outback expedition, our students retreat to a collection of wall tents heated with wood-burning stoves to recharge. This is Basecamp. These three-day layovers allow students to restock on food and supplies and receive medical check-ups. Most importantly — this is where bodies and minds are rejuvenated. Basecamp consists of three tents. Each tent performs a specific set of functions, which are essential to the therapy program.

Three Tents


This tent’s function is pretty self-explanatory. It provides a place for students to sleep. It also houses and protects gear from the elements while not being used.


This is a larger wall tent in which students enjoy family-style meals cooked in Dutch ovens. This space provides a classroom-style setting with chairs and whiteboards for intensive, half-day clinical workshops. This tent is also used for activities such as meditation, art projects, and movement exercises.


This is the smallest tent in Basecamp. It only needs to fit a wood burning stove and shower supplies. The Shower Tent also has a raised floor. Few things are more rejuvenating after a few days in the wilderness than a hot shower in a warm tent.

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