Benefits of Therapy in the Wilderness Environment Infographic

When traditional talk therapy isn’t enough to help teens who are facing struggles, parents sometimes turn to residential treatment programs instead. While there are a variety of residential treatment options out there, wilderness therapy is especially effective at helping adolescents. As a happy medium between outpatient talk therapy and residential treatment, wilderness therapy provides a profound experience and has much to offer.

Unlike other residential treatment programs, wilderness therapy utilizes the benefits of outdoor living. Studies show that simply being outdoors has mental health benefits. This new Outback infographic covers the benefits of the therapeutic wilderness setting.

  • Did you know that green, outdoor settings can reduce the symptoms of ADHD?
  • Did you know that exposure to the natural circadian rhythm can help improve healthy sleep hygiene?
  • Did you know that the wilderness environment can lower stress levels?

Outback Wilderness Therapy Infographic

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