Book of Generations: Sparking Python

The Book of Generations is a book made by Outback students out of leather that is full of inspiring messages written by teens on the day before they leave the wilderness.  This book is passed down from student to student and each teen is given the opportunity to write their message to the next “generation” after them.  Here is an inspirational message from the Book of Generations:

I know why I’m here; drugs, alcohol, lying, stealing, running away and so much more. 9 weeks and 1 day ago I thought my life was good and everyone else was the problem. I never would have thought being sent out in the wilderness and hiking was the way to go. But it worked. Outback helped me find myself and realize that I could change and be a better person. Out here I found myself and grew so much stronger mentally, emotionally, and physically. Now I know I can get through life and have a good time IMG_5746without drugs and alcohol. I know I can get through anything and come out strong, because I did it here at Outback. I’ve just learned so much and met some really great people. I can now look at everyone as a person and consider their feelings instead of only caring about myself. I just can’t believe how much I’ve grown and learned here at Outback. I know I can do and succeed at anything in life now, as long as I try and stick with it till the end.

-Sparking Python


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