Book of Generations: Meticulous Fox

The Book of Generations is a book made by Outback students out of leather that is full of inspiring messages written by teens on the day before they leave the wilderness.  This book is passed down from student to student and each teen is given the opportunity to write their message to the next “generation” after them.  Here is an inspirational message from the Book of Generations:

OutbackTherapeuticWEBONLYfiles2012_jleahy (26 of 30)Outback is a wonderful experience. You can learn so much about yourself. For me, this is a new beginning of a better, more positive life. More than anything, I have learned to love myself much more than I had ever though possible. I have learned to accept who I am as a person. I can accept and cherish my positive qualities and embrace my negative qualities as well. I have learned who I truly find important, such as my family and my true friends. In Outback, there are many challenges, some easy, some hard. You learn to overcome all of these obstacles. Through my Outback stay, I realize that I am stronger than I ever was.

-Meticulous Fox

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