Book of Generations: Unbreakable Rhythm

The Book of Generations is a book made by Outback students out of leather that is full of inspiring messages written by teens on the day before they leave the wilderness.  This book is passed down from student to student and each teen is given the opportunity to write their message to the next “generation” after them.  Here is an inspirational message from the Book of Generations:10.29

“My whole life, I have made bad choices. I was going down the wrong path. Outback has changed that. When I finally gave Outback a chance and worked at it, boy did I change. I learned so many things. It opened my eyes to the world. Now I’m ready to leave the desert and go back home a successful person. I now have self-confidence, a better sense of importance in my life. I came here unmotivated and doing drugs. Now I leave with a great set of skills, motivation and clean from drugs. I challenge you to learn the most you can and to not check out early.”

-Unbreakable Rhythm

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