Book of Generations: Valiant Flame

The Book of Generations is a book made by Outback students out of leather that is full of inspiring messages written by teens on the day before they leave the wilderness.  This book is passed down from student to student and each teen is given the opportunity to write their message to the next “generation” after them.  Here is an inspirational message from the Book of Generations:

Before I came hereIMG_1732 I was an angry, unconfident, unhappy person, but being at Outback has shown me that I’m a good person and that I can make an impact on other people. I could list everything that I’ve learned out here, but that would feel up the rest of the journey keeper. I will say to keep an open mind, stay true to yourself, and be strong. Stand up for what is right. You will have resistance from other people but at least you know it’s right. Eventually people will start to follow you because they know you are right.

– Valiant Flame

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