Internet Addiction Treatment

Internet Addiction Treatment | Outback Therapeutic Expeditions

Too much time on social media? Can’t stop obsessing over the latest online game? Can’t go more than 5 minutes with a smartphone? In short, is an internet addiction hurting your relationship with your son or daughter? Internet addiction can affect anyone, but is especially harmful for teenagers and young adults. In this article we’ll discuss how to recognize the signs of internet addiction and explore the best internet addiction treatment options.

The Effects of Divorce on Teenagers

Effects of divorce on teenagers | Outback Therapeutic Expeditions

Divorce is quite common and any teen might take it hard. Find out the best way to help your teen deal with all the effects of divorce in the most healthy and positive ways.

Finding Gratitude in the Wilderness

Each year during the holidays, our staffing teams strive to find unique ways to help our students accept their current time at Outback, mourn the loss of time with family and friends, honor themselves and those they cannot be with, and learn to still have a memorable and enjoyable holiday. The staff teams process and […]