Teens in Crisis: 11 Warnings Signs Parents Should Look For

11 signs of teens in crisis | Outback Therapeutic Expeditions for Teens

Parents must be able to identify teens in crisis and not just assume it is normal teenage moodiness or rebellion. Mental health struggles like depression, substance abuse, learning difficulties, and low self-esteem are often problems your teen cannot handle on his or her own. And unfortunately, the pandemic has only made things worse, “Mental health […]

11 Signs of Video Game Addiction and Internet Gaming Disorder in Teens

11 Signs of Video Game Disorder | Electronic addicted teen playing video games

As technology becomes an increasingly vital part of our society, it becomes more and more difficult for many people to separate from their electronic devices. For teens who are grappling with emotional, psychological, or behavioral issues this may be an even more daunting task. Research shows that 60% of all teens play video games every […]

Wilderness Weekly 9.22.19

Dingoes: This week in the Dingoes we crushed our hikes. The group was able to complete approximately 10 miles over three days! The group was absolutely crushing it! They all worked together to encourage and push other group members forward. While at therapy site we were able to take a break from the hiking and focus […]

Teen Internet Addiction: 10 Symptoms of Internet Addiction Disorder

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While we all probably spend a little too much time on our electronic devices, many parents are growing concerned about teen internet addiction. While cutting back on screen time may prove difficult to some, teens who are facing emotional, behavioral, or psychological issues may have an even more difficult time separating themselves from the online […]