Wilderness Weekly 8.25.22

Goannas: This week in the Goannas I would like to shine a spotlight on highlighting the number of emotional breakthroughs we experienced. This group has come together on more than one occasion to be supportive in their emotional journeys; strengthening their bond emotionally has also benefited the group logistically. Whenever we had to get ready […]

Wilderness Weekly 8.19.22

Photo Credit: Trevor Allen Goannas This was a week of change for the Goannas. Peacekeeping Panda graduated on his journey with outBACK. Fellow students expressed their shared memories of their time together saying goodbye to a beloved member of the Goannas.  The same day, a new member was received, bursting with energy and high expectations, […]

Wilderness Weekly 08.05.22

Photo Credit: outBACK staff Goannas: This week in the Goannas the week started on a slightly sad note with the departure of beloved group member Fruity Pebbles–we had an epic goodbye ceremony under a large tree on top of a hill watching the sunset. Kind words and memories were shared and with sunset, brought the […]

Wilderness Weekly 07.28.22

Photo Credit: outBACK staff Goannas: The incoming staff had a great time getting to know the students over a game of dogs. Most students and staff participated, including the student’s therapist. The week started well with a group busting, where one of the newer students busted his first coal and blew it into flames. We […]