Wilderness Weekly 11.19.21

Photo Credit: Scott Jones, Primary Therapist Goannas: The Goannas had a wonderful week of growth, healing, and bonding. We spent some time at a beautiful site where everyone had the opportunity to improve primitive skills (such as bull roars, leather bags, and spoons), dive into therapy assignments (reading Anatomy of Peace, writing letters, and drafting […]

Wilderness Weekly 10.29.21

Photo Credit: Scott Jones, Primary Therapist Goannas: This week for the Goannas were a test of strength and perseverance. The group split to create another group called the Pindaris. This restructure meant that a senior leader from the Goannas made his way to the Pindaris to support a smooth transition for the newly formed group. […]

Wilderness Weekly 10.9.21

bright green leaves with a creek

Goannas: The Goannas started their week honoring one another in a token ceremony that flowed into a goodbye gathering for one of their elders. Throughout the remainder of the week the group worked on rebuilding their culture, focusing on relationships and trust. The group completed four hikes during the expedition portion of the week with […]

Wilderness Weekly 9.18.21

Goannas: The Goannas started off the week with a goodbye ceremony, reminiscing and sharing hopes for their futures for two of the elder group members. With the elders moving on to next steps, this allowed other members to step up into leadership roles. The new leaders helped motivate and guide the group into building a […]