Wilderness Weekly 06.24.22

Photo Credit: outBACK Staff Goannas: The group started out the week playing a plethora of games! The Goannas played capture the flag Tuesday morning, where they all prepared by painting their faces with mud in an attempt to camouflage themselves. They then played Calvin Ball, a game that is similar to baseball, but with much […]

Wilderness Weekly 06.17.22

Photo Credit: outBACK staff Goannas: This week in the Goannas we started with dedicated time towards lots of skills such as building “A” Frames, spoons, possibility bags and Magnificent Tree constructing a football we were able to play bad throws (a game kind of like hot potato) and jackpot with throughout the week. We also […]

Wilderness Weekly 06.02.22

Photo Credit: Rosalie DiRado Goannas: The Goanna’s started the week playing tons of games and engaging in a variety of activities. The group played Dogs with their hackysacks, “school bus”, a game where you have to rhyme with the previous person, and a team jump roping activity where they all had to make it through […]

Wilderness Weekly 05.13.22

Photo Credit: outBACK staff Goannas: It was a stellar week for the Goannas. Despite a snowstorm on Wednesday, the weather was amazingly sunny and warm. As a result, the Goannas were able to camp outside underneath the beautiful stars five nights this week. Our hikes were challenging, but there was one that stood out the […]