BACK 2 Self ~BACK 2 Family BACK 2 Purpose

A rainbow shines over a field at Outback Therapeutic Expeditions

BACK 2 Self | BACK 2 Family | BACK 2 Purpose by McKay Deveraux, MSW, LCSW Rollo May was an American psychological theorist that articulated the need for humans to be in connection with three things: Self, Others and Environment. Disconnection within these areas can inhibit our ability to process our lived experiences in healthy […]

Finding Gratitude in the Wilderness

Each year during the holidays, our staffing teams strive to find unique ways to help our students accept their current time at Outback, mourn the loss of time with family and friends, honor themselves and those they cannot be with, and learn to still have a memorable and enjoyable holiday. The staff teams process and […]

Wilderness Therapy Develops Self-Worth

Aries McGinnis - Field director at Outback Therapeutic Expeditions

In the summer of 2010, I had the privilege of witnessing a student from her first day through to her last day. I was on rotation the day she arrived, worked in her group throughout the summer, and was on rotation the day she left. Amy was here for a variety of clinical issues including […]

What Feeds Your Fire? – Video

At Outback Therapeutic Expeditions, we have found that wilderness life and all the elements in it from the trees to the rocks to the sunsets can parallel life in beautiful ways. Here, our field guide Krista talks about how fire can be a metaphor for life.