Reframing Video Gaming Through A Cultural Lens

by Laura McInerney, MSW, CSW In discussion of technology and electronic use, we will often use terms such as “screen time” without further designation of what the use looks like, and what sort of function that tech use is serving for the individual. In seeing video gamers who are engaged in play or in navigating […]

Part One: Foundations of Attachment

by Jessica Jo Stenquist, TRS, MSW, LCSW Our brain wants to make sense of things, we are driven to create order out of chaos. And, often, it is through making connection (mentally, emotionally, or physically), that we are able to create and find meaning within a situation, concept, or even relationship. We are wired to […]

Brainspotting: Practicing Therapy From A New Point of View

by Trevor Allen, CMHC I have been working with adolescents for 21 years, and earlier this year I had an experience that opened my eyes and fundamentally shifted the way that I do therapy with teens.  I have historically been tied to therapies that focus on changing thoughts, shifting behaviors, gaining motivation by gaining awareness […]

Wilderness Therapy: Self Care

One of the many lessons learned while in wilderness therapy is self-care. We teach students, staff, and families how to take care of themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This is unique to each individual and vitally important for our well-being.The tricky part for me has been to remind myself, as a therapist, what self-care […]