What Feeds Your Fire? – Video

At Outback Therapeutic Expeditions, we have found that wilderness life and all the elements in it from the trees to the rocks to the sunsets can parallel life in beautiful ways. Here, our field guide Krista talks about how fire can be a metaphor for life.

Life Before and After Outback

Outback Therapeutic Expeditions excels at helping to facilitate the positive change in the lives of our students including finding direction and hope for the future.

Why Wilderness Therapy – A Student’s Perspective

Are you thinking about wilderness therapy for your teenager? Are you wondering if wilderness actually helps teen addiction or teenage depression? One of our previous students explains why she thinks parents should send their teens to Outback Therapeutic Expeditions. Interested in hearing more about Wilderness Therapy? Check out Outback Therapeutic Expeditions.

What Wilderness Means

Find out what wilderness means as part of the wilderness therapy expedition for troubled teens who need some counseling.