Wilderness Weekly 3.10.23

Goannas: As the snow melted from the Goanna’s site so did their hearts. The Goannas shared goodbyes with senior members of the group which opened the door for the immergence of a new culture and new beginnings within the group. The Goannas thought long and hard about the kind of environment they wished to create […]

Wilderness Weekly 3.3.23

Photo Credite: Alyssa, “ERV” @ outBACK Goannas: This week the Goannas started out with enthusiasm and spirit. Welcoming in a new student with joy and fun. We were so excited for a new member, we went coocoo for sun butter in an attempt to show our enthusiasm. Our new member was completely unphased and blended […]

Wilderness Weekly 2.25.23

Goannas: The Goannas had an exciting week filled with beautiful sights. adrenaline fueled games, and stunning conflict resolution skills. The Goannas went far this week with their hikes and with their words. The start of the week brought new guides and new trail names for group members. Radiant Star received his trail name in a […]

Wilderness Weekly 2.10.23

Photo Credit: Trevor Allen, CMHC – Primary Therapist Goannas: The theme of the week for the Goannas this week was family. Everything about it. Chosen family, given family, and trail family. Each member of the group experienced something relating to family. Through the joys of being together and the struggles of cooperation, each member displayed […]