Part One: Foundations of Attachment

by Jessica Jo Stenquist, TRS, MSW, LCSW Our brain wants to make sense of things, we are driven to create order out of chaos. And, often, it is through making connection (mentally, emotionally, or physically), that we are able to create and find meaning within a situation, concept, or even relationship. We are wired to […]

Women in the Wilderness: Wild Hearts

Wilderness has taken on many meanings in our culture. Wilderness as a location and environment, a wilderness of the mind, heart, soul, or a wilderness of society are some of the definitions given by many great minds, poets, and philosophers. Brene Brown has become a staple for the young ladies in my group at Outback. […]

Teaching Girls the ABCs of Life at Outback

A teenage girl plays with a dog while at Outback Therapeutic Expeditions, a Wilderness Program for Teens

In January of 2017, Outback Therapeutic Expeditions launched a unique way of working with young women in the wilderness. After much collaboration between Kendra Van Abbema, Primary Therapist for the girls group, McKay Deveraux, Executive Director and several key members of the staff team, Outback was able to begin L.I.F.E, Leaning Into Female Empowerment. L.I.F.E is […]