Desert Dining: Wilderness Apple Pie

Each student is given the same ingredients out here in the desert, but what they are able to make with them can vary greatly. Check out the delicious recipes our students have come up with and perhaps give them a try!

Wheat Flour
Baking Soda
Powdered Butter
Apple pieces (1/4 to 3/4 of apple)
(Oats and Powdered Milk optional)

Combine all ingredients (in order) in a ziplock bag with no holes. Add the water very slowly and mix the dough in the bag. It should be mixed evenly with no dry spots and be the consistency of peanut butter. Push the dough to the bottom of the bag after it is all mixed.

To cook, put the bag in a billy can of boiling water. The water should cover the whole bag. Squeeze the bag occasionally until the bread is solid.

Optional: Top with Cinnamon Sauce


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