Any time I am working with students, I am intentional about being present and attuned in order to listen and be there for students while they are moving through their process and their struggles. I believe in the importance of creating healthy spaces in which I, along with my students, are able to feel grounded while remaining respectful towards one another. Being able to bring in humor as well as finding ways to connect on both a deeper and interpersonal level allows for the students I work with to feel seen, understood, and provides a pathway for their armor to come down. Although therapy can feel like a hard and difficult process to navigate through, I work to provide my students with the chance to see and feel that therapy does not have to be difficult. By learning how to explore, accept and acknowledge underlying issues, students and parents come to know firsthand that this therapeutic journey brings up not only challenges, but a chance to bring in joy and acknowledge the strengths they have possessed all along. I absolutely love seeing the light go on! Helping students see that they can be real with their families, how being accurate and accountable can lessen the power struggles and supporting them in understanding why it matters to be honest with themselves and others are some of the cornerstones for why I believe in and love doing what I do.


Being able to do anything outside is something that I love! The early part of my life was spent on a NativeAmerican Reservation. My mentors throughout my formative years spent a lot of time with me as I grew up in the wilderness. I enjoy camping, hunting, and fly fishing and I like to make my own flies and geeking out on the bugs fish may be eating. I absolutely enjoy teaching others how to feel more competent in the outdoors and appreciate being able to stay connected to the land and the simpler ways of being. I have an amazing wife and three wonderful kids. One of the greatest benefits of being able to take my family into the wilderness is that it gets all of us off our phones and refocused to connecting with ourselves and with one another. I enjoy this beautiful state in which I reside and the diverse landscapes it provides. I am also a huge fan of gardening, cooking, and sports!