My core values are compassion, community, creativity, spirituality, and movement. My clinical work stems from the understanding that trauma exists and impacts who we are not only as individuals but also as communities. Drawing from a trauma-informed and systemic lens is at the core of my approach in my work with families. It is a pratice I utilize with clients and it what I embody in my own practice of liberation, wellness, and healing. I draw attention to these areas of focus to help families move through the trauma we carry individually and collectively. As a systems therapist, I take on a perspective and worldview that acknowledges that we are a part of communities that are grounded in relational dynamics and connection, coupled with being a part of an ecosystem that centers nature. Understanding our attachment styles in relationships and our sense of self is beneficial to how we heal in relationships. The systems we are a part of, (both macro and micro level), are important to healing in collective/individual ways and acknowledging how trauma is maintained. My approach is rooted in the both/and worldview that allows individuals and families to understand that togetherness and individuality are two counterbalancing life forces that a person is able to hold and nurture simultaneously. The goal is to help them develop the ability to engage in meaningful connection with another while also maintaining a sense of self and identity.



Living in Oregon I have access to the outdoors in diverse ways. I enjoy camping, hiking, backpacking, and kayaking. I enjoy the process of gardening and taking care of plants, either indoors or outdoors. Between owning over 50 indoor plants, building an ancestral garden for fruits and vegetables, and learning how to compost, I have found joy in connecting to the natural elements around me. I also enjoy reading, watching historical films and shows, and spending quality time with my village of trusted friends. And last but definitely not least, I have a fur baby name Buffy who loves going on adventures with me.