My approach to working with students and their families is rooted in one that is integrative. This allows for a client-centered and family focused approach designed to adapt to the needs of the individual(s), especially as they evolve, grow, and change throughout the therapeutic process. My education and professional experience as a clinical social worker have also grounded me in utilizing systems theory in my ongoing assessments. As people, our way of thinking, behaving, and engaging is influenced by a variety of factors that work together as a system. It is critical to the sustainability of healthy and productive development to examine these multifaceted relationships and environments that impact how one thinks and acts so that students and families gain a deeper understanding of what is needed for lasting, transformational change.  

Being able to utilize the outdoor setting as a teacher and the collective action of students working together, wilderness therapy presents me with some of the best “co-facilitators” I could ask for as students connect to the self and to their community. My work to support and guide students in uncovering and discovering their sense of empowerment through group centered leadership results in the cultivation of young people who navigate the world with skills such as self-awareness, self-reflection, slowing down to understand the bigger picture, learning to lean on others for support, and extending grace and compassion to others and to themselves. My therapeutic lens has been shaped by the opportunities to witness how therapy can look and feel different for all. Meeting students and families where they are in their stage of progress during the development of a therapeutic plan provides each person a chance to bring their voices to the table and intentionally create goals that reflect the needs of their family system.  


I like spending time with my community in any way that I can, whether that be traveling to see my family back in the Midwest and back East or going on an adventure in the desert with close friends. I like to create community through cooking and sharing delicious food. Spending time outdoors has always been necessary for me, hiking slow to take in all the colors and sounds of outdoor spaces is a favorite. There is nothing sweeter or more magical than finding water in the desert and taking a dip, even if it is just a toe. I have spent close to 1000 nights sleeping under the stars in the west desert. For a long time, it was my second home. It is where I met some of my best friends, including my partner Josh, and where I found our beloved hound dog Bruce. The summer of 2022 I gave birth to our daughter, Opal Jolene, who has been a little spit fire from the beginning. She fits perfectly into the desert family we have created here.