Teenagers are the most capable people in the world. Their energy, power, and ability to accomplish most anything is at its peak. The future of humanity depends on the ingenuity and complexities of their minds. Unfortunately, these incredible characteristics can be misinterpreted, misconstrued, or expressed in destructive manners. Knowing and understanding the therapeutic relationship is a major catalyst for any change. As a therapist, my focus is on purpose, accountability, discovering what students love and supporting them as they uncover their truest self; especially in a time during which identity is being experimented. Respecting the dynamic nature of the wilderness and acknowledging its presence is also something to which I stay humble. Empowering students through ownership develops resilience and newfound internal resources. Having been a student and a guide gives me a unique perspective into the hearts, minds, and souls of my students. It also provides me with a full circle understanding of the entire Wilderness process, and the importance of family dynamics, aftercare, and family resolution. My dedication, understanding, and trust in empowering the teenage population and their families is insurmountable. Developing new communication tactics and personal inner resources are always my prominent therapeutic goals. Purpose and autonomy and the entrance in adulthood are also major facets that guide my belief system and approach. Theoretically, my approach is based in attachment, family systems, mindfulness, and healing unresolved pain. I am also grateful to be able to incorporate ideologies from other clinicians such as Gabor Maté, Peter Levine, Janet Sasson Edgette, and Dan Siegel. I continue to view my own personal growth as directly correlated to the quality of self-care and personal therapeutic work in which I pursue and remain involved. The therapeutic journey is non-linear and continual. One of my greatest values is dispelling the idea that life must uphold to any traditional format, and that purpose and success can manifest organically outside of the traditional realm.


Walking through the forest with my two sons is where my heart feels at home. Things I enjoy doing include listening to the Grateful Dead, meditating, creating art through the mediums of drawing, tattoos, digital art, sketch comedy videos, and fashion. I even customize and sew my own clothes! One of my main interests is human connection and the supportive community that has developed in my life over the past 20 years. Spending time outdoors is extremely important for my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. As such, hiking, rock climbing, surfing, running, and slip n’ slides are big parts of my life. I am someone who enjoys, and holds a deep gratitude for, the process of existing and enjoying the world and its wonders.