Free White Paper: DEPRESSION IN TEENS: Help Your Teen Find Their Way to Hope, Happiness, and Well-Being

We discuss the prevalence of depression among adolescents and common signs and symptoms of depression. We differentiate depression from other disorders and discuss healthy strategies and unique intervention options that parents can implement to help their teen overcome depression.  Lastly, we discuss wilderness therapy as a safe, effective and comprehensive treatment option for teens with depression. This white paper is written for parents, guardians, or for anyone who is responsible for a teen with depression.

Depression in Teens: Help Your Teen Find Their Way to Hope, Happiness, and Well-Being

Depression in Teens White PaperAs a parent it can be excruciatingly painful to watch your adolescent deal with the sadness that comes from depression. Watching your teen who was once motivated and positive become negative, cynical, withdrawn, and lacking in motivation is a heavy burden for any parent to bear and can affect all aspects of a teen’s life. 

In today’s world, depression in teens is not an uncommon scenario. According to the 2013 National Study on Drug Use and Health, 10.7% of adolescents between ages of 12 and 17 reported having a major depressive episode in the last year. Of those studied, 16.2% of the females reported depression and 5.3% of the males reported depression. The peak ages for depression were between the ages of 15 and 17.

While a depression diagnosis does not have to be a life sentence, it is important to give your teen the help they need to overcome their struggles. Make sure you pursue a healthy and effective course of treatment so that your son or daughter can continue on the road to health and happiness.

In this 9 page white paper we discuss:

  1. Depression Defined: 11 Signs Your Teen is Depressed
  2. Types of Depression in Teens and Related Disorders
  3. Mistakes Parents Make When Responding to Their Depressed Teen
  4. 6 Healthy Ways Parents Can Help and Support Their Depressed Teen
  5. Wilderness Therapy as Treatment for Depression in Teens



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