Helping Troubled Teens Infographic

If your teen is exhibiting signs of certain emotional or behavioral issues, their struggles may go beyond standard adolescent turmoil. Depression, substance abuse, learning difficulties, and low self esteem are often problems your teen cannot handle on his or her own. Left unresolved, these issues can lead to decreased academic performance, school dropout, strained family dynamics, self injury, substance abuse, and engaging in risky sexual behaviors.

This new Outback Therapeutic Expeditions infographic, Helping Troubled Teens, highlights some of the surprising statistics about the issues that today’s teens face.

  • Did you know half of all teen runaways cite parent-child conflict as a major issue?
  • Did you know that teen birth rates in the U.S. are up to nine times higher than in most other developed countries?
  • Did you know over a quarter of underaged individuals (12-20) admits to drinking alcohol within the past 30 days?

troubled teens infographic by Outback Therapeutic Expeditions
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Download our How to Help Your Troubled Teen White Paper to learn more about how to help your troubled teen. 


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