Outback Announces “Unplugged” Program for Problematic Electronics Use

August 24, 2015 | 5 responses

Outback Therapeutic Expeditions, which provides an innovative and effective therapeutic experience for teens in crisis, announced recently a new program, Unplugged. This new wilderness therapy program is designed to help teens who have been displaying problematic electronics use, including excessive usage of:

Though digital media can bring a wealth of tools and information, some teens may be overusing electronics due to behavioral, psychological, or developmental challenges. The Unplugged program is expert informed, designed, supported, and facilitated.

Outback believes that the wilderness setting uniquely inspires one to take a step back, gain perspective, and be challenged to find healing, meaning, and hope in life. Strength, insight, and confidence are gained more quickly in the wilderness than anywhere else; old habits and patterns melt away making way for healthier neural networks to form. Outback consulted with the leading experts in the electronic addictions field in designing the Unplugged program. When combining this new addition with their already clinically sophisticated therapy, the wilderness experience becomes effective and life-changing for those who struggle with this process addiction.

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[…] is spending on his or her video game console, tablet, smartphone, or laptop, you are not alone. Technology addiction in teens is an increasingly prevalent issue. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, 50% of teens played video games “yesterday,” […]


Addition to these mental health benefits, wilderness therapy gets teens out of a “toxic” environment where the temptation to use electronics is present. This is Because the wilderness is so peaceful…continue

Susan Larsen

Can a 20 yr old male attend this program?
What are people’s experiences? What about underlying conditions! Depression, he is on antidepressants but does. It really help. Overweight, eating addiction, low self esteem. He says he has social anxiety disorder. Never really had s friend growing up, toddler, outgoing fun, laughing.
What to do?


Hi Susan,
Our program is exclusively for teens ages 13-17. We wish you the best!


While many parents are simply concerned with the isolation and antisocial behaviors associated with too much screen time, there are much more detrimental mental health health risks associated with excessive screen time for teens. continue.


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