Outback Earns Accreditation From AEE

We are excited to announce that we have received a 3-year accreditation from the Association for Experiential Education. It’s a great honor to be accredited by the AEE, and it’s a benefit to our students

and their families because they can be sure that their child’s safety and well-being are held to the industry’s very highest standards.

The AEE was formed more than 25 years ago. The number of experiential education programs increased dramatically in the late ’80s and early ’90s.This prompted the need for an organization to establish standards for program quality, professional behavior, and appropriate risk management. This organization, the AEE, was formed in 1994. It exists to connect the global community of educators and to define professional standards and best practices within the experiential education industry.

“Attaining accredited status through the AEE Accreditation Program is solid evidence of an organization’s commitment to quality and safety, belief in professional standards, and allocation of resources toward continued excellence and improvement. Programs that achieve AEE Accredited status can be confident that they meet or exceed recognized industry standards.” – Association for Experiential Education



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COVID-19 Update

Outback Therapeutic Expeditions is continuing to support families through this unprecedented time. We are closely monitoring information related to COVID-19, adhering to recommendations set forth by CDC, and have implemented additional safety precautions to mitigate risks. To learn more, contact us at 800-817-1899.