During a recent episode of the Dr. Phil show, Outback Therapeutic Expeditions was presented to a family as a viable option to help their struggling son. During the episode, Dr. Phil talked with the parents and explained how Outback helps kids that are on this downward spiral of behavior and emotional need.

“…this isn’t an extended camping trip. There are Ph.D. level family therapists that work with these young men at least twice a week. They consult with the parents in between these visits. There is continuity in the therapy. They work on things like personal accountability, developing empathy, being a part of a team, caring about something besides themselves, setting and achieving goals and developing skills and abilities.”

Dr. Phil explained to the parents “They’re going to do everything they need to do to try to inspire America with this young man’s life. He needs some healing of his mind and his heart. This might be a great jump start.”

Outback works with youth who are 13 to 17. Many of these students may be experiencing family conflict, be involved in negative peer groups, are isolating themselves, or are focusing excessive time on computers. Some are struggling academically, have low self-esteem, may be abusive toward their parents and siblings or may be experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Others are bright but underachieving.

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