Wilderness Weekly

Every week we post notes and updates from the field so parents can follow along and know what their teen experienced during the previous week. Click below to read our most recent update, or dive into previous reports to get a sense of what life is like at Outback.

Wilderness Weekly 11.11.21

Photo Credit: Mattia Bericchia; Unsplash Goannas: On this episode of Goanna world, the Goannas made culture a top priority. We honored many people with tokens,

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Wilderness Weekly 11.5.21

Photo Credit: Mattia Bericchia; Unsplash Goannas: The Goannas welcomed new students to their group this week–it was a new transition for all and everyone became

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Wilderness Weekly 10.29.21

Photo Credit: Scott Jones, Primary Therapist Goannas: This week for the Goannas were a test of strength and perseverance. The group split to create another

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Hiking through Wilderness Therapy

Troubled teens often have trouble making good and positive friends but making friends that feel like family is a beautiful benefit to wilderness therapy. Outback

Wilderness therapy in the spring, green hills and flowers on a trail

Wilderness Weekly 5.19.17

Brumbies: We were able to do a night hike and the boys appreciated the sunset and had a great nightly gathering/group on resilience. Multiple students

How do I know my teen is stressed?

Teens often don’t know if they’re dealing with stress even though parents can tell something is wrong. As a parent, it’s important to know what your teenager child is dealing with.

What Wilderness Means

Find out what wilderness means as part of the wilderness therapy expedition for troubled teens who need some counseling.

COVID-19 Update

Outback Therapeutic Expeditions is continuing to support families through this unprecedented time. We are closely monitoring information related to COVID-19, adhering to recommendations set forth by CDC, and have implemented additional safety precautions to mitigate risks. To learn more, contact us at 800-817-1899.