Student Quotes About Teen Wilderness Therapy

This Slideshare presentation discusses the impact of Outback’s wilderness therapy program as seen through the eyes of the students and counselors. Through several interviews, we get an inside view of the impact of this unique and powerful program.

What is it that makes wilderness therapy such an effective tool? A big part of it is that the students are challenged and forced to learn self-reliance. As they learn to provide for themselves, they build confidence. They learn to do things for themselves and for other people. At the same time, providing for themselves gives students a new appreciation for how much their families and communities contribute to their lives.

When choosing a wilderness therapy program, you can get much of the information that you need from websites. Nothing compares, however, to hearing firsthand from students and counselors who have actually been through the program. The experiences that the students and counselors share in the Slideshare program mean more than just information on a website — these are the students and their teachers speaking from the heart about their actual experiences in the program. There is no better way to get a feel for the program than to hear it from students and counselors who are actually there.

We are excited to share this Slideshare presentation with you. It will give you a different perspective on Outback’s extraordinary wilderness therapy program. We hope you enjoy the presentation.


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