Emily Rowe, aPHR

September 18, 2020 | 0 comments

I made the decision to work in Human Resources because I love learning about people, organizational communication, and being able to problem solve on a daily basis. While every company has an HR department, I find it very meaningful to work in an environment where lives are changed and families are brought together. I strive to make valuable ‘human’ connections and to use my ‘resources’ to help serve both our employees and students. I believe that it’s the small changes that make a world of difference and as a team we can move mountains!

I am a bookworm at heart with a spirit for adventure. I actively participate in a book club which members can opt in to travel places where the books’ setting takes place. My most recent venture took me abroad to Italy and Spain with plans to pursue India next year. During summer months, I enjoy spending my time at the pool where I teach private swim lessons to youth of all ages. I currently serve as Treasurer on my Home Owners Association Board to remain involved with my community. I like to spend quality time with neighbors, friends, and family.

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