Jessica Smith

September 18, 2020 | 0 comments

Having worked in the field closely with students, I understand what it takes to mentor and guide youth into unfamiliar emotional and mental territories. I look for staff who will add to our incredible list of Field Guides. I find those who are engaged and invested in the wilderness experience which will ultimately invite our students to find ways of healthy healing. I focus on making clear, the philosophy of Outback and the deep interconnection of the field department, clinical department, and the families we serve so that students can have that one of a kind adventure in growth and empowerment.

I am the mother of three fantastic kids, one of which has brought us officially into the teenage years. I still love to hike and camp and be outdoors. I enjoy trying anything creative and hands on. I love working with wood and making furniture and wooden pendants. I also enjoy reading classic novels and continuing to add to my personal library as well as writing and telling stories. I have lived and traveled all over the country and have been to over 40 US states! I hope to someday finish writing my own book and share my stories with others.

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