Kjrsten Walters, MA, LMFT

July 15, 2020 | 0 comments


I love adventure. I love the unexpected growth, challenge, joy, beauty, pain and creativity that springs from entering into an unknown experience. Throughout my career I have come to appreciate and love supporting parents as they navigate the challenging experience of a struggling child. I work to give parents tools and support to help them approach their experience as an adventure that hopefully can bring growth, challenge, joy, beauty, pain and creativity.

My therapeutic style is experiential, collaborative and simple. I seek to create teaching experiences that help people learn ways to overcome, embrace or accept the challenges they face. I strive to find ways for others to discover their own solutions that work in their lives.


I love being outdoors, traveling, adventuring, experiencing the world. I love music, art, nature, literature. And now, as a mother of three girls, I love being with my family and experiencing the world together. Sometimes I enjoy pushing my body with challenges like rock climbing, triathlons, hiking, rafting. Sometimes I enjoy sitting and watching the sunrise or sunset. And staring into a fire. I feel like a citizen of the world and enjoy travel and getting to know different parts of the world.

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