F.C. Female Alumni Student

January 25, 2016 | 0 comments

My Outback experience was a challenging, rewarding, and unforgettable journey. The obstacles I overcame in the wilderness have laid down foundation and anchor I can always look back on and know that if I got through Outback, I can get through anything. Hiking, building our own campfires, cooking for ourselves was all part of an emotional cleanse and change I needed at the time. Understanding how to survive in the wilderness has helped me tremendously because it involves bare minimum essentials, common sense, and emotional stability. I was able to channel my issues through these activities and learn how to be selfish in the right ways. Being miles apart from my family only made me appreciate and miss them more. During my stay at Outback, I was able to forget the materialistic aspects of my life and work on how I wanted to represent myself in the future. I was able to hash through my problems and resentments without anyone interrupting, able to start the healing process. During most of my time I interacted with the other girls in the program who I still talk to today. I will never forget the laughs, cries, stories, and recovery we all shared together in such a beautiful place. I had time to participate in arts and crafts and writing, as well as reading books which helped me tremendously. My favorite part of my experience at Outback was my gifted therapist Tracy Schrunk, who helped me come to terms with how I was treating not only myself, but my family. Her and I worked very closely in planning my new journey, and throughout that process helped build up important life changing characteristics I still hold today. I was 16 when I was at Outback and now I am 20. I am sober, a full time student and employee, rock-climbing, and keeping in touch with some of the most incredible people I have ever met. I am thankful for my experience at Outback, as it truly saved my life. Though the experience can be seen as dramatic, it was exactly what I needed during the phase in my life. It is always an experience I can look back on and remember how strong I was, therefore I am.

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