Joanne and Stuart, son 14

January 25, 2016 | 0 comments

(Our son’s Outback therapist) is the first therapist with whom (our son) ever connected. (Our son) grew tremendously as a result of his relationship with (his therapist). (Our son’s therapist) has had an incredibly positive impact on (our son), and we are very grateful. We found (our son’s Outback therapist) to be warm, wise and solid. In a very caring way, he imparted his wisdom to (our son) in a way that really reached (him). He reached us with his wisdom as well. We are all using the ideas, and even the terminologies, that we learned. Our regular telephone calls with (our son’s therapist) were informative, useful, and reassuring to us. He was always available and never seemed to mind when we called him (probably too often!) outside of our prescribed time. He was extremely helpful to us in making the difficult choice on schools. We are extremely grateful to (our Outback Therapist).

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