Matthew and Cheryl, son 13

January 25, 2016 | 0 comments

I would like to thank all those involved in working with our son during his stay in your program. I would like to send a special thanks to (our son’s therapist). (He) is an outstanding (therapist) with great insight into young men (our son’s) age. (He) was able to work with (our son) and accomplish far more than we thought possible in a short period of time. The young man we saw during our parent visit is dramatically different than the person we brought out 6 weeks ago. Focused, confident, yet humble, he is well on his way to becoming the person we had hoped he could someday be. We know this is just the beginning, but what a great beginning it is! I am filled with optimism and hope for the first time in years. The methods used in you program truly bring results, in a very positive fashion. As a parent with a child who was “struggling” in school, I am pleased to see grades of A’s and B’s from Woodland Hill School. We had concerns about sending our son to your program, as any parent would. Sending a child “away” is never easy under the best of circumstances. When a teen begins down the path to a troubled lifestyle, decisions come a bit easier but never “easy.” The staff really helped to make things as comfortable as possible given the stress of a decision of this nature. The Outback staff are in one word “awesome”. Every person with whom we have had contact has been kind, compassionate and professional. As we tried to assess cost-to-value, we were unsure about “investing’ in your program for our son. I can say now without hesitation, this was money well spent. I would recommend Outback to anyone considering a program of this nature. I cannot say enough about the positive impact Outback has had on our son. It is as if our family has been given a “second chance” at a healthy life together. We intend to make the most of it!

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