Michelle, son 16

January 25, 2016 | 0 comments

It is actually difficult to express in words my heartfelt gratitude. We were in such a dark place, (my son) and I, and the dynamics of this “family.” Trying to hold it all together for as long as I did by myself came to an incredible decision we all made for sending (my son) to Outback. This summer brought me back to the confirmation of my deep relationship with my son. That alone has brought me a sense of peace. I know that I am forever changed. I feel as though I know something or feel something about parenting and relationships that I did not know prior to this wilderness experience. You helped us all understand the importance of being unified and solid in stance and direction so as to benefit my son. I felt that your directness and openness with each of us was fair and honest. But mostly I felt your sincereness in being invested in the health and wellbeing of (my son), who truly benefits the most. It is now time for a new beginning so that we can gently lean to the right direction and be cautiously optimistic that we are all in a better, healthier place!

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