Unplugged @ outBACK

Electronics and Technology Addiction Treatment for Teens

Modern technology can enrich our lives. In fact, it’s increasingly difficult to participate in mainstream society if we completely separate ourselves from our devices. However, when teens seek the comfort of their laptop, tablet, or smartphone as an escape from reality, their reliance on technology has become an unhealthy coping mechanism. We’ve developed a unique, intensive, clinically sophisticated video game and internet addiction treatment program.


Teens are especially susceptible to the appeal of modern entertainment technology. While it is completely normal for teens to use their electronic devices more often than parents would like, there is a point where daily engagement with social media, video games, and the internet becomes unhealthy. The following are signs of a potential internet and video game addiction:

  • Lack of self-care/poor personal hygiene
  • Unhealthy diet/not eating regular meals
  • Sleep disturbance; staying up all night playing video games
  • Decreased academic performance
  • Lack of close, face-to-face relationships
  • Isolation from family and friends
  • Impulsivity/irritability when not playing video games


Our program begins with a comprehensive individual assessment. The assessment takes into account the psychological vulnerabilities that may predispose the client to addiction. These factors may include personal history, family history, or any underlying factors may fuel the addictive behaviors. In this way,we are able to determine what needs the client may be trying to fulfill through their addiction to electronics. Once the assessment has been completed, we design an individual treatment plan. Whether it is video game addiction treatment, internet addiction treatment or overall electronics addiction treatment, we help the student find healthier ways to meet the underlying needs that digital media once provided.


The founders of the internationally recognized electonics addiction program reSTART were integral in the design of our program. Outback also worked closely with Dr. Ryan Anderson, renowned author of “Navigating the Cyberscape,” who helped with the design and implementation of our curriculum. Drawing upon our own experience and the guidance of these internationally recognized wilderness therapy experts, we created “Unplugged” — a program that catalyzes sustainable change within the lives of electronics addicted teens.


Our program utilizes a therapeutic approach with a focus on helping our students through their underlying emotional and cognitive issues. In a 2013 study, researchers followed up with clients suffering from electronics addiction six months after they were treated with this method and found that 78% of them were able to successfully sustain their recovery. Outback’s Unplugged program provides comprehensive video games therapy, internet addiction therapy and electronic additions treatment through our wilderness therapy model.