Wilderness Therapy – Why Should I Send my Child to Outback Therapeutic Expeditions?

Does your son or daughter need help? Are they struggling with teen drug abuse, suicidal thoughts, gaming addictions or depression? Outback is a therapeutic retreat for troubled teens who are dealing with these problems and more. In this video, some of our amazing  staff tell you why they know Outback is such a wonderful place for your teen to get the help they need. We offer comprehensive assessments and treatments for teens ages 13-17 through wilderness therapy.

Video Transcription

Counselor 1

It’s giving these kids a chance to do things just for themselves in order to give back to their family and to their community. They get to prove to themselves that they’re capable of things.

They get to say:

“Oh I can make a fire by myself.”

“I can set up a shelter.”

“I can keep myself dry.”

“I can keep myself warm.”

“I can provide for myself.”

And in turn, it makes them appreciate what their families and their communities have given them and it empowers them to continue doing things for them and to want to do things for other people.

Counselor 2

I feel that Outback works because it is able to challenge students in a way that they’ve never been challenged before.

Counselor 3

This place is meant to honor them. I’ll speak to my experience there and say, I’ve seen so many people gain confidence and become a member of this society out here and effect a culture and see their effect on it. Like, they try out their leadership skills, develop new coping skills and communication skills.

Counselor 4

The power of Outback, and the power of the wilderness, is unmatched I think.

Having a student come here, in such a short time, in such an intensive adventure and expedition into themselves, into these surroundings, to be confronted with that everyday and be able to so abruptly, break their habits and embrace news ones, in a time that really doesn’t amount to that much. That is incredible and amazingly informative.

Counselor 5

I think that, no matter what the circumstances, a young person finds themselves in, whether it’s addiction, whether it’s defiant behavior, whether it’s slipping grades, whether it’s criminal behavior, whether it’s none of those things, I think the wilderness is nothing but good for anyone honestly.

Most importantly and across the board, no matter why a student is here, self-reliance brings out strength and character. It calls on a part of students that probably hasn’t ever been called on before in their lives. I think that’s a really big part of it, calling out on that greatness.

Counselor 6

I think Outback is a great place to send kids.

What I love about it is that it’s so barebones. We make everything from scratch. We make everything from what we have here. Teaching kids to use their resources, to look around them and to use what the world has given them.

It’s a great place for great people. It’s a place where community of utmost importance. That’s what we create here. We create a culture of something for the kids to fall back on. A framework in which to live. A place to play. A place to hold space for each other. It’s a place where there’s magic.


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