Outback Therapeutic Expeditions offers help for troubled teens ages 13-17. We utilize a unique philosophy of wilderness therapy with a focus on unparalleled staff training, customer care, and adherence to a warm, nurturing, no-resistance therapeutic program. When compared to other wilderness therapy programs, our dedication to your teen and your family is unmatched.


We truly believe in what we teach. We incorporate our teachings into our everyday lives — not only to promote well-being in ourselves, but to also set a positive example for our students. At Outback Therapeutic Expeditions, we feel that the best way to earn respect from teens is by practicing what we preach while challenging our students to initiate positive change in themselves.


  • Highest industry standards of clinical care
  • Students work w/ a Primary Therapy & an Associate Therapist
  • Fully accredited academic program (included in cost)
  • Weekly individual, group, and milieu therapy sessions
  • Weekly calls with parents and referring professionals
  • Parent workshop
  • Family therapy session (in the field)
  • Small program (individualized treatment for every family)
  • Daily therapeutic contact
  • Intensive clinical workshops
  • Therapeutically designed expeditions
  • Weekly parent coaching
  • Opt-in three-day family expeditions


At Outback, we do not feel that a “boot camp” style program is the best approach. In a safe emotional space, our students develop a sense of comfort with each member of our team. In our wilderness therapy program, we offer help for troubled teens by challenging them to improve themselves with our support and guidance. We understand that change will not come about if we force it. Genuine change will only occur when we provide our students the tools to reevaluate their own personal way of being.