Wilderness Weekly 12.20.19

Dingoes: The Dingoes had a very exciting and eventful week. We said farewell to a student who was starting their next adventure outside of Outback. We also had a couple of students spend a week away to head out on a week of adventure therapy during their PEAK week at Outback. Even with fewer members in the group for the week, the remaining Dingoes did not have to wait too long before welcoming new members into the Dingoes crew! We witnessed an awesome surge of investment and motivation by one of the students who transitioned from first camp to main camp. The group had an amazing cross country hike this week and really showed an inspirational and determined spirit as they came together and crushed some new and enjoyable terrain. Also, our group’s emotional leader was able to share some of the gorgeous west desert sights with his family on a parent visit. Overall the Dingoes had an exciting and enlightening week where they truly came together and grew as a group!

Gnowees: This week the Gnowees said a tearful goodbye to some of the group members. It was sad to see them go, yet everyone had high hopes for their future and wished them well. The rest of the week was spent making shifts within the group and it’s culture as they moved forward without those who transitioned beyond their wilderness experiences. The group also welcomed in several new members and spent extra care packing up in order to make hikes more successful. With this intention, the Gnowees crushed it hiking this week and completed a 2.5 mile hike in an hour and a half! Although the group was challenged by the weather patterns of the desert, they were quick to determine new strategies to remain comfortable and appreciate the beauty of the mountains. At the end of the week, two members were honored with their trail names, Resilient Tiger and Inspiring Ember! 

Brumbies:  The Brumbies started the week with three less brothers who had left for PEAK week. The remaining group members thrived and continued to love life even as they experienced the drop in temperature typical to this time of year. They did so by taking extra time to gather wood and keep the fires stoked. We hiked each day and at the start of the week, a staff challenged the group to focus on intentions and being present. This was the topic of discussion on hikes, during skills and even on wood runs throughout the week. Staff and students encouraged one another to stay present even when it seemed difficult to do and talked about what it was to live life with intention; with purpose. Two of our Brumbies had wonderful parent visits where they were able to share the wilderness with their families. The week ended with a token ceremony for three well deserved Brumbies; Vital Fire, Giver and Winged Heart. 


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