Wilderness Weekly 1.11.19

Dingoes:  The week was filled with hiking and managing some anxiety that came through as the group worked together throughout the week. The group hiked four times with some hikes took us through more remote areas of the field. The final hike was done during a beautiful snow fall. After this hike during therapy days, communication patterns were examined and also compared to styles of managing anxiety at home. Students communicated that they, in general, enjoyed the snow hike although hiking in the snow was a new experience for them. Overall, the group struggled with fire making and challenged themselves to become better fire makers during the end of the week to find fire bows and boards.

Gnowees:  The Gnowees had a smooth week this week. This group is comprised of tough and resilient young ladies who continue to prove themselves as such. The Gnowees began their week with some really great hikes. Weather caused the group to let go of hiking to their desired location on Sunday yet spirits remained high as the group was able to work as a team. A theme of the week was respect and we had a memorable gathering about it around the fire where the girls talked about what respect meant to them, and who they respected most in their life. This gathering set the tone for the week and seemed to increase vulnerability between each member. The group also was very close and they showed much love for some of the members who were preparing for the next chapter of their journeys. One Gnowee was recognized with a token for Solid Ground.

Ulurus:  The Ulurus had a great week full of hikes, snowball fights, and ceremonies! Two of our Ulurus went on peak week which sounded like a ton of fun. They described adventures of rock climbing and exploring new deserts and terrain. We also said goodbye to some members of the group as they were moving on and into the next chapter of their adventures, as well as welcomed a new member to the group who is already out of first camp. Overall our week was challenging and full of change, yet we overcame it and had fun persevering!

Goannas: The Goannas had a busy week mixed with hiking days and setting up camp and being stationary for a few days. Student Noble Flame, had his parent visit and received a token. Another student also had his parent visit and was honored with a token upon return. He honored each of his parents with tokens while they were together. Another student and staff both received trail names this week and students also honored a staff member with a token. Although the group was challenged by the snowfall at first, staff were able to witness the group embrace the beauty and had fun making snow angles and had some great snowball fights.


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