Wilderness Weekly 1.11.20

Dingoes: It was a fun week in the Dingoes. With some of the seasoned members of the group on a peak week adventure, the rest of the group had to step up and fill in as needed. Logistically they had to handle and carry more chores than normal and they did so flawlessly. In between hikes we focused our efforts on establishing a solid busting culture, working on letters/assignments, and nagarnas. We enjoyed near perfect weather for January with highs in the mid 40’s almost everyday. Two tokens were presented this week as well as a trail name. The camaraderie within the group was what was most impressive. Everyone was having a great time and many laughs were shared.  

Gnowees: The Gnowees had a productive week in hikes, therapy, and cultivating their stories. A gathering was held on how our words and stories create who and how we are. The group really enjoyed knowing that they are the authors of their own stories and they found strength in knowing that they get to write their destinies. Other amazing aspects of the week include waking up early to see the sunrise, star gazing, and enjoying many breathtaking sunsets. There were also four tokens given out to three very deserving members of the group. We invited a new member into our group as well as saying goodbye to a beloved Gnowee. 

Brumbies: This week the Brumbies made moves across the desert at an impressive rate, knocking out back to back hikes and finishing them with light in the sky to spare. The group also experimented with outback cooking, trying new recipes and completing a fun busting challenge that netted the group two bags of potatoes and a cast iron skillet to prepare them in. The group collaborated on group culture and helped to define what future Brumbies will be. A student also honored each of the staff members with the vital fire token. 


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