Wilderness Weekly 1.12.18


An additional field therapist came out to the group to create shadow puakas. These are small pouches made to contain feelings or resentments we wish to let go of. Later that same day, the girls peaked a mountain. They pushed themselves to the top, where a token ceremony took place for a staff. She was given the Seeker token for inward reflection as well as outward seeking of experiences. On our decent, we then saw a wild horse. That same horse followed us on our hike the next day for about a half a mile. The girls hiked strong this week on their three hikes. They then got to rest a base camp and fill up on tasty food. Pot roast with mashed potatoes was made for dinner and breakfast burritos for breakfast. One student, Spontaneous Squirrel, went on solo to prepare to go home in the coming week. Rising Moonlight honored Celestial Sunrise with the Peacewalker token, where she was then additionally honored with the Giver token. It was a great week!



This week the Brumbies said goodbye to the warm winter weather of December and began to prepare and endure the wintery rain and snow of January. During the beginning of the week they introduced a new Brumbie into their ranks, and were able to help him craft a new spoon and make fire during his first couple of days. They also enjoyed the gifts of Christmas Tree Pine wood from their Primary therapist and carved a variety of spiral spoons and forks to give as gifts to their family back home. During the middle of the week, one of our veteran Brumbies had a 3 day expedition with his family and was able to bond and find healing through some issues that had been tough prior to arriving to Outback. Towards the end of the week another veteran Brumbie also got to enjoy the company of one of their parents and honored them with the Strong Cord token to symbolize their strength in tough situations. Finally, the Brumbies hiked through an snow storm and welcomed two new Brumbies to their group with warm fire and bright energy.


The Dingos had a new member join at the beginning of the week, who is very social, and is acclimating to the Utah weather and environment well. The group honored two of the boys this week with tokens; one receiving the Maker token, and another receiving Solid Ground. A Dingos staff member was also honored with the Vital Fire token. The group had a lot of fun learning and participating in various games throughout the week. They also worked hard together to stay warm and prepared this week to get through the colder weather comfortably.


This week we hiked three times, finding a great spot for morning meditation, a peak hike with an amazing view of the desert and the surrounding mountains. We also changed camp, gained two new Uluru members, while one Uluru had a parent visit. The parents received Vital Fire and Solid Ground.  Another Uluru was honored with the Awakening token for his progress in the desert. The group culture improved as topics of integrity and communication skills were focused on throughout the week.


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