Wilderness Weekly 1.18.20

Dingoes: This week the Dingoes were excited to welcome back their members from Peak Week. The boys were excited to share the lessons and excitement from Peak Week, and bring them into this week’s hikes. The boys developed strategies for more productive, efficient and timely hikes this week. After several rewarding parent visits, three of our members were honored with trail names: Unique Tsunami, Honest Turtle, and Unabashed Wolf. The members also sought to honor one another with the tokens: Letting Go and Openness to commemorate each student’s commitment to change. 

Gnowees: We had an eventful week in the desert with the Gnowees. Although we had to say goodbyes to some of the members who have moved onto the next part of their journey, we are still a group full of energy. The girls worked together to problem solve when shelter was challenging to set up. They also worked together to improve their busting. One student received her trail name, Whimsical Songbird. Another received a token Peacewalker. A staff was honored with the Gnowee token. One student was on solo for a visit from mom. Another student finished all the tasks that needed to be done to finish first camp and join main camp. We had some windy nights, but the girls did what needed to be done to have plenty of firewood close by to stay nice and warm. 

Brumbies: The group was motivated to hike this week so we crossed country all of our hikes giving us a good amount of daylight. We had productive conversations about culture and how we can be a group wiht more synergy. The group was in high spirits making jokes and having continuous laughter throughout the week.


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